Coincident Speaker Technology: What they said ….. at the time

Coincident is excited to announce that 8 years after its introduction, the Pure Reference Extremes are undergoing an update of significant proportions. The improvements include the following:.

  1. All drivers and crossovers will be internally wired with our state of the art Statement cabling;
  2. The tweeter and midrange drivers will be improved to the latest versions of the Accuton ceramic units;
  3. The crossovers will be updated and improved with superior components with some parameters being slightly adjusted.

The sonic results include: greater sense of transparency and immediacy, more extension and air in the upper frequencies, more harmonic completeness in the mids, greater revelation of low level detail and ambient information, and enhancement of visceral punch and impact in the mid bass and bass and seamless coherency from top to bottom.

Although considered by many as the finest speaker available at any price and without question at its selling price, the latest version of the Pure Reference Extreme now advances to a new level of performance.

While the cost of the mods are substantial, the price increase will be offered on an introductory price at only $2500 US more per pair- - $29,499 US /pr.

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