BRYSTON: BLP-1 turntable

Max Langridge writes .....

The BLP-1 uses a belt-drive mechanism and is fitted with a proprietary pulse width modulation (PWM) power supply called the BTP-1. The power supply drives the high torque motor which, Bryston says, delivers exceptionally accurate 33 1/3 and 45 RPM speeds. Records are placed on the 35mm thick Delrin platter which has an integrated record mat. Delrin is a thermoplastic with high stiffness and low friction properties.

Bryston says the platter removes unwanted vibrations and “preserves critical detail”, with unwanted resonances reduced further thanks to the vented plinth.

The titanium tonearm has seven segments, tungsten steel bearings and an arm tube integrated into the headshell. Bryston says this makes the tonearm “virtually immune to cantilever-born vibrations”. The BLP-1 comes with a removable tonearm cable, adjustable brushed-aluminium feet and a dust cover.

James Tanner, Vice-President of Bryston, says: “With the BLP-1, we have created a turntable that represents premium performance to supplement our line-up. Going forward, it is our objective to identify an array of cartridges that will ideally match our turntable and phono stages, providing customers with the predictability of a plug-and-play solution.”

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