LAURA MARLING: ‘Americans – they’re just a lot more poetic’ – Interview by Tom Lamont


From the archives

Singer-songwriter Laura Marling talks about lyrics, love, her new album and why she decided to move from London to LA. Three or four times a week Laura Marling strolls from her home in Silver Lake, Los Angeles to the adjacent neighbourhood of Los Feliz; a two-mile walk along Sunset Boulevard. On the way the British musician, who will soon release her fourth album, passes a mural that's famous for its appearance on the cover of an old Elliott Smith record. Otherwise this is an unlovely stretch, remarkable for its tremor-ruined pavement, its epic waits at traffic lights. "We're more than halfway," the 23-year-old promises. Every so often her blond hair and the shawl she's wrapped up in flutter about in the wake of a hurtling truck.


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