Is it possible that the lack of congruency between measurement and sound quality in speaker systems is merely because there are parameters that have yet to be measured?


Ah, oh yes, I get it .... I think.

Oh yes, I believe that absolutely. I mean there was a time when harmonic distortion in amplifiers was all you considered with its power output and in speakers a flat response was considered the be the all and end all.

And subsequently, to give you an example, the decay characteristics became very significant and were measured by loudspeaker driver manufacturers, and that helped a lot; that was a very important additional piece of information that emerged. But I have no doubt at all that there lurks undiscovered all sorts of other things that – at least as far as this kind of thing is concerned – I am an optimist, though a pessimist in everything else – I would say we will discover small things about what to measure.

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