Dave Davies: ‘I was just a crazy kid with a guitar, a cheap amp and a razor blade’

Like many other epiphanies, Dave Davies' occurred on the road. He was relaxing in his suite at the Sheraton Hotel, Richmond, Virginia, in 1982, when five mystical "intelligences" began to communicate with him through smell. "Each separate intelligence had its own aroma," he recalls. "One was similar to jasmine, but very deep." 
The intelligences explained new laws of physics, indicating that humans exist in a sea of energy, like "mental fish, swimming around unaware of the fluid that surrounds us. I call this substance neutotonic." The presences also advised the former Kinks guitarist (some would say not before time) to moderate his sexual activity. 
Later that day, when he was attempting to focus on a television ad for cake mix, the screen was filled with strange yet alluring creatures. He was informed that spacecraft orbit the earth, carrying computers with information about everybody that ever lived"