Building cable tunnels

Paul McGowan writes:

When we built Music Room One in 2013, we spent a lot of time, money, and effort creating the best listening environment we knew how to design. I even posted a series of videos on its step-by-step construction which you can watch here.

During that construction, we were able to add a feature to the room I had always wanted but was never able to achieve: cable tunnels.

A cable tunnel eliminates the age-old problem most of us face in our living rooms—a run of cables laying on the floor. It’s a rare home that doesn’t pay homage to the collection of electrical hoses connecting our gear.

A cable tunnel allows the interconnects between the preamp and amp to run through the walls and tidy up the presentation of a high-end music system. In my case, I have a 50 foot run of Smurf Tubing housing the Audioquest balanced cables connecting my source rack to my power amplifiers and loudspeakers. Flexible tubing allows me to easily change cables whenever I wish. It also makes sure the audio cables don’t come in close proximity to any electrical wiring in the walls.

If you want to learn more about cable tunnels, watch this video.