VALVES ? TUBES: How do you know if and when they are dying ?


Hello Folks, Since re-veneering my Rega Ela's a few weeks ago i started to use my Hi-Fi and listen to music a bit more.  getting the use of a proper Hi-Fi system after months of low grade car audio and a small kitchen transistor radio was obviously a great aural feeling. i do also have my entire cd collection on an iPod touch used with senn ear buds, but it isn't really the same...

Anyway the intial euphoria has started to wane. My system just doesn't seem to have any volume, bite, or attack. it may be that i have gotten used to the 'new' sound again so that now it just seems 'normal'. i have noticed though that i have to turn the volume up on my WAD Kit34 amp to generate higher listening levels that used to be obtainable further down the dial ( iirc...).

so, the fitted valves are about 2.5 years old now and have had a bit of stick during that time. is it time to change them, or should i just get my hearing checked

bottom line; how do you know if your valves are starting to die... ?

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Thank you

Neil McCauley / editor in chief

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