Who’s up for a “Cheap as Chips” Challenge?

So here's the idea - most "normal" people these days spend £100 on an ipod dock, and think they have a hifi...  But just how good a sound could you get for £100? You will obviously need a source, some form of amplification and speakers, and all the cabling and any other tweaks you want to apply such as feet, and in the case of a turntable, a cartridge and mat.

No cheating - you can't use anything you currently own, although anything you can blag for free can be included!

If there's enough interest, (and if it doesn't cost a fortune) then I will sponsor a room at Scalford 2012 (bit too late for this year) and let's see what you can put together for under a ton! Best sound wins! (Maybe not much, apart from the kudos!) DIY or modding is fine, but the cost of any parts needs to be included in your budget.

So - anyone up for the challenge? You've got over a year to be scouring ebay, the free ads, the local dump or relatives attics - could be a lot of fun, and your opportunity to truly demonstrate the "sound per pound value" we love on AoS!

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