AUDIO ENGINEERS: Where is the next generation coming from?

I started my audio journey at age 5, when I watched my dad assemble a Heathkit Williamson amplifier, a 12AX7 preamp, and an FM tuner. He also built a large speaker box with a JBL D-130 and put the electronics in a beautiful Brunswick cabinet that once housed a very fine Radiola/phonograph. Since my dad is a Professor of Dentistry and his dad was an accountant at Brunswick (hence the Radiola), his interest was just a hobby. He simply liked to build things. As it turned out, when the equipment needed repairs, that job fell to me. At age 9, I was chasing down noisy resistors and capacitors. I spent a lot of time on those repairs, but 9 year olds have plenty of time for whatever interests them, even today.