VERY surprised at this cheapy valve phono

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I don't generally write reviews on my kit; A, because I'm not very good at it and B, because most of my kit is at the decidedly lo -fi end of the hi - fi spectrum, so not of great interest to others. This phono, however, has surprised me so much that I thought I would this time.

So, I've just bought the Bellari VP129 valve phono stage from Steve (carruthersesq) of this very parish and it's been a bit of an eye opener.

It just does everything so well. Natural, well timed, fluid sound, open, fast and detailed with low, textured and well defined bass, quite extended and open highs, believable soundstaging and placement and just the subtlest hint of warmth, but not enough to muddy the sound, sound un-natural or roll off at the extremes. Tones and timbres are totally realistic, you can visualise a bass string being plucked and can almost feel the vibrations when a piano key is struck.

Not at all what I expected from a cheap valve phono. How do they do it for the money ?

I've only been listening to it for 3 or 4 hours but it is totally addictive and has usurped both my Dino / Dino+ combo and my built-in phono stage (which I really rate).

This could well be a keeper

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