Relieving the pressure


Paul McGowan ...........

Having a big system like we do in Music Room One sometimes is a lot of responsibility and pressure to both maintain it and worry about how it is sounding.

As a reference system, it really needs to be constantly kept up and over time I hear more and more of its deficiencies – and get crazy over the small and large details.  It can be a lot of pressure.

One of the reasons I built Music Room Two, outfitted with a nice set of low cost Thiel two-ways and a subwoofer, is there’s no pressure to be a reference standard.  It’s a very good and completely enjoyable music system that folks just head into and listen.  Everything you play on it sounds good – nothing sounds great – and that relieves a lot of pressure I sometimes feel around the big system.

If you have spent a lot of time and money on your system, sometimes there’s a lot of pressure to have it perform at a certain level, to meet some people’s high expectations – or perhaps even your own.