Listening, Levels & Truth

Mother-Of-Tone write: We are overwhelmed with information about the technical performance of audio-devices, the newest most sophisticated measurement techniques and the finest and highest precision measurement instruments.

But very little is said about Listening.

It seems to be so close to us that we simply forgot about it.

Two things are for sure:

1) Our listening is a private experience.

2) Its not exactly the same for any two beings.

How can we else explain the vast variety of completely different hifi-stuff ?

If our listening preferences would be the same, the number of hifi companies would probably be drastically reduced and we would basically be happy with one and the same device.

But there are not only personal listening preferences, there are also Levels.

There are Different Levels of Listening Awareness.

As you may know, there are musicians that can identify the exact pitch of a note being played. Others can even write down the chords of a complex and unknown piece of music while listening to it for the first time. Many musicians can't tell the pitch of a tone. Their level of musical awareness may not be fully developed.

When listening to an audio system, we normally do not try to identify the pitch of the notes being played, except perhaps, you are a musician and want to train that ability.

But when listening to an audio system we can try to evaluate the ....

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