AUDIOPHILE INTERVIEW: Dave Fisher – by Jez Wells

Dave, would you be able to take two minutes or so to give a brief overview of your educational and work history?

OK, I suppose my interest in what might loosely be called ‘sound recording’ started when I was really quite young. I’m not sure why, to be perfectly honest, but I became very interested in hi-fi. I think I’ve always been an engineer at heart, I wanted to take things apart to see how they worked; and perhaps more importantly I wanted to build things when I found out how something else worked. So I started off building hi-fi, which used to terrify my mother I have to say, because in those days the equipment I was building used valves and so there were high voltages around and soldering irons littering my bedroom, I think my mother was quite terrified at times – probably quite rightly so, looking back on it! I remember when I was about fourteen, maybe thirteen actually, I built a design of a hi-fi pre-amplifier which was published by Mullard, and had four EF86 valves in it and I also built a pair of Mullard “Five-Ten” power amplifiers.

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