Best “budget” piece of hifi you have owned

Not sure If this will take off but I will start. I'm not always sure with hifi whether £££'s gets you a better sound, better quality product -yes... In most cases
My best ever budget buy was a pair of Tannoy mercury v4's (not V4i's). These were unbelievably good speakers, absolute party animals too. I never needed more bass, they actually vibrated stuff off of our bookshelves. Plus they had a way with voices I had never heard before. Absolute bargain @£249

It was the way they dealt with Daft Punks - TRON reconfigured that got me every time. Whenever I had guests I would put that on as a party piece. Wish I had kept them for a rainy day but 1m tall floorstanders take up too much space in the loft apparently

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