PS AUDIO “My friend and future partner, Arnie Nudell, took me under his wing and made a ……… “

This post doesn’t really have anything to do with either broccoli or opera.  What it does have to do with is expanding your musical horizons.

When I was growing up I hated broccoli; gave me a gag reflex.  Now I love everything about it.  My tastes haven’t changed, rather my field of acceptance has expanded.  This is perhaps an important distinction.

When I was first being introduced into the field of high-end audio, back in the early 1970′s, all the gifted designers I was meeting raved about classical music and opera.  I was into Led Zeppelin.  Classical music was boring and opera reminded me of cat scratchings.

Problem was, I related to these people in every way but musical tastes and that didn’t make sense.  How could we be so far apart in this one area and so close in all other respects?  I was truly the odd man out so I decided to see if it was my musical tastes or my ignorance and lack of exposure that was the root cause.  Turned out to be the latter.

My friend and future partner, Arnie Nudell, took me under his wing and made a project out of me.  Slowly but surely he spoon fed me easy to like opera; Italian and melodic.  Before long I was hooked, big time.  I got it!  My tastes hadn’t changed but my horizons surely had.

Now my enjoyment level from music has opened wider than I ever imagined and I am the better for it.  I smile more and the songs in my head are better.

I still like rock (I am sick of Led Zeppelin) but when I hear a Puccini aria, my heart stops and my spirits soar.

Broccoli never tasted so good.

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