‘Audiophile’ components – a cautionary tale…

Some of you may be aware that I scratched a long-term itch a few weeks ago and staggered home from the Tonbridge Audiojumble under the weight of a mighty Yamaha Centennial Series CX-10000 preamplifier.

Now, it was a good price (although Mrs. B. disagrees...) but I was aware that it had "a few issues". And boy, did it have a few issues.

After undoing the bodges that some previous rapscallion had foisted upon it (broken PCB tracks, a jumper link soldered across the power switch etc.), the reasons for its failure became apparent, and were located in two main areas:

(1) The lovely glue holding fast some of the internal cabling which, after 25 years or so had become both corrosive and conductive and was shorting out the PCB tracks that it wasn't eating away!
(2) These little b*stards:

Dip in and out HERE

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