The audio mindset


Paul McGowan .....

One of our readers made an interesting observation.  He writes: “selecting a record, cleaning that record, clamping the record, starting the motor, cleaning the stylus, cueing up the cartridge and sitting down to listen prepared me to listen in a way that a few mouse clicks or screen taps doesn’t.  I’d made a commitment to this listening session that I don’t make up front with my music server.”

Commitment to the process focuses our attention at the task ahead.  While an accurate observation, I find that with a music server, I make the mental switch to be free of that commitment and focus on just the music – it’s just a mindset change.

To me, the ritual of vinyl is a distraction that the music server relieves me of.

In the same sense, the process of carefully preparing and cooking a meal enhances the dinner we eat – but we can just as easily sit down at a restaurant and jump right into a great meal without the process of cooking.  It’s all about the mindset.

Much of what we do to enjoy our music is a mindset.  The audio sanctuary, complete with its rituals and commitments. focuses the mindset – but at a high price in both real estate and family approval.

With the world shrinking and families making technology choices that serve the group as opposed to the individual, we will see fewer opportunities to support the audio sanctuary, but more opportunities to enjoy high-end music throughout the home.