Art Dudley on blind ‘tests’

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About time. An intelligent, passionate, all-out attack on the whole 'blind test' ideology. Contained in Dudley's column in the 'Stereophile.' (Nov 2014).  Lot's of real examples of the 'results' such tests achieve (including the infamous Pepsi '' Blind taste'' test.)

A flavour of Dudley's broadside can be gathered from the following: ''time and time again, the use of blind tests in an attempt to quantify human perception has been discredited.......only useful to assuage the ungifted and the insecure, and to validate shoddy or cynical design..''

Real examples are given, from a wide variety of fields. Whatever side of the fence you sit on, it's a great read. Intelligent and passionate. But then Dudley's perhaps the best writer in the whole audio sphere.  You can get 'Stereophile' , through the post, cheaper than UK magazines...and it contains proper measurements of equipment too!.

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