The tyranny of hi-fi – self-inflicted or what?

Anonymous writes: This may invoke some negative criticism though i am willing to take it on the chin. I write of a personal experience that may or may not have been experienced in the past by others. About six years ago i was given the cold shoulder by friends of many years standing. At the time i put it down to my divorce and other matters. Over the years i found out that a lot of it was down to Hi-Fi matters. I couldn't bring myself to believe it. One of these people was a person who had known me from childhood and very close indeed. In recent months i happened to be in the my local dealer in Stockton on Tees (By far the best hifi dealer i have ever dealt with.) and two of my dear friends of years gone by were there, I was blanked by both. This is a pityful tale and from what i have been lead to believe was caused by petty jelousy.

This is indeed the tyranny of Hi-fi. Though i have not communicated with these individuals for many years i know that their hifi equipment is far better in many respects than mine their boxes of capsitors, resistors, transformers, etc etc are just that!!!! the language of music should trancend this and yet as i now find myself as my forum name suggests, The Outcast! I love music first and my Hi-fi a very close second though i have to warn all that a bizarre jelousy exists between friends that cannot at first be identified. It's only when it's all gone wrong that you know it's happened and in my case it is ireversable. Hifi in many cases remains the concept of male jewellry, almost war feathers to which intimidate or impress a rival enthusiast.

This of course does not apply to everyone as i have some amazing friends who remain my closest pals and like me own some great hifi gear. I decided to post this for two reasons. First of all to inform all that this could happen to you though you may not know it and to explain the reason behind my forum name.

Until resently i was set to attempt for the very last time to make things right between myself and my former dearest friend, however, it dawned on me that if this is all that people care about do i want them in my life? I think not! f..k em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Yes, i can hear you say that this guy is a bascket case, paranoid weird f..k. My intention however as a rational man is to bring this phenomena to your attention and look out for the first signs of it as if you don't nip it in the bud it could cost you a friendship. Please don't fall victim to the tyranny of hifi


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