TUBE PREAMPS: Noiseless tube pre amps .. what alternatives ?

"Hi. Following my sudden immersion in the Tube world , with the Eastern Electric Avant Pre amp , I discovered what I missed for a few years .. great musicality and obvious fun with music. Tube rolling has been a very troubled way of spending money .. and yet interesting. However , the only thing itching me these days , is the noise coming from the speakers , which is not that huge. My ears have been unfortunately accustomed to the digital " no noise " .. So I was wondering , about pre amps which are designed to be very low noise , independantly of the tube rolling .. Which way to go : return route towards low noise tubes (psvanes ..) or persisting with the NOS tubes .. ?Or searching for a nice preamp ..

I experienced , the Shindo Monbrison , a week before .. the EAR 834 which is not as good as the AVANt .. I discussed this issue with one of my friend/members .. So which way to go : Modwright LS100 ? 36.5 , Puresound L300 ..
Or Hybrid : Belles VT 01 ... Or return to the Solid State Arena : I was thinking of the Belles LA 01 By the way , from what I heard , the Mullard and the RCA /Raytheon tubes are more to my taste than Telefunkens .. Cheers .. and waiting for your comments (I'd be happy with the good and sarcastic ones too)


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