Is this why boxes are important?

Most people I know who appreciate hifi seem to be passionate about the original packaging that comes with hifi, some folk won't even buy a piece of kit even though it's first rate in condition and sonic ability, if it doesnt have the all important box, some even will pay substantially more for kit second hand ie, £40 or more due to the fact it has the original box?, most hifi boxes I have are a standard size and can be easily mimicked for transportation purposes? I wondered what other wammers opinions are , after all you only transport it then , store it? Any thoughts, on this much considered subject?.

I saw a Cambridge Dac in a store yesterday ( the current one ) at 150 less that retail, asked the chap why it was still there and he said people always ask is it boxed?

Considering the amount of kit I've seen at some of the guys homes they must have a room full of empty boxes.


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