He’s off the hifi merry go round, but for how long?


Barring another financial disaster, I'm sorted. My flea power and horn fetish is over, as is my stupidly large floorstander period.

Bob ICHM laughed the other week and said all the mad speakers I've had, then come back full circle to standmounts with conventional drivers!

I have the Focals as my everyday speakers, and the GMA Callistos to swap in when I fancy something that does electronic stuff a little better. The arms gone off to get all its silicone issues fettled by J7, and also when its finished I'll have a sub* to fill out the bass on the callisto's, which integrates really well. (*blown driver - not by me!)

I'm chuffed to bits, all the uncertainty of swapping stuff abouts now over. I got my rare mono's and pre back from years ago, true statements of sonic design crafted in London, as a complete flook and the same with the valve DAC. I think fates telling me something!

It actually couldn't have happened at a better time, as I'm trying to get my part time stuff off the ground and earn a little money, Im broke at the moment, but I can tough this out, hopefully without another tremble that nearly caused me to sell the TT. Ive suddenly wised up that by the law of diminishing returns I'd probably have about £15k more in the bank without all this twatting about.

relax, and breathe out...

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