Keep or sell – what would you do?

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I'm sure many others have been through this phase. I did, quite a few years ago.

The issue at Rab Towers is quite simple. I always separate funds for fun, from funds for necessity. It hasn't been a wonderful few years in terms of business, so the 'fun fund' is quite depleted.

I have lots of interests, but one of the main ones is diving. I've always wanted, above all else, to spend a bit of quality time doing the barrier reef. Anne and I both have all our dive qualifications and we have a fair bit of stuff between us. However, I'm rapidly rocking up to the age where it's going to become increasingly harder. Before long, it will be a problem.

I listen to the system for pleasure, but at the moment, less and less often. We had some mates here last weekend and two of us listened long and loud, but if I'm honest, that's the first time the system has even been powered up for about a month. It represents a not trivial investment. Well Tempered deck, Dynavector, SUT, Gordon Welford pre and Living Voice come to a fair bit on the used market.

On the one hand, the system will guarantee listening pleasure for years to come, and I do have an extensive music collection.

On the other hand, replacing it all with a simple low-end setup (and there is plenty on the workshop to put something reasonable together) would release enough funds to cover most of the ultimate dive trip. A one off, however.

What would you do?

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