PS AUDIO: What’s wrong with the two magazines?

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Paul McGowan writes: I  mentioned that the retailer is the perfect sorting house – choosing and selling only those products that perfectly reflect the dealer’s brand promise and makes it easy for customers, especially new customers, to make easy choices getting involved with high-end audio.

Several of you asked “what about the two magazines, TAS and Stereophile?  They both have their versions of reviewer hand selected and approved recommended products.  Why wouldn’t this work perfectly?”

Great point, both magazines are real assets to our community – but then that’s the problem.  If our goal is finding a way to reach out to new buyers of high-end audio products, then it’s a good bet they are not reading magazines dedicated to our industry.  Why?  Because these potential buyers have no idea we even exist.

If you don’t know something is even possible – like the ability to recreate a live music event in your home – then of course you would never look at the available resources to educate yourself on the subject.

The two magazines are perfect for our industry.  The challenge is to reach outside and to do that, we have to take ourselves outside and, as the late Steve Jobs was fond of saying “Think different”.

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