AUDIOPHILE DEBATE: Speakers £3,000 Maximum

The thread starts: I am currently on the lookout to upgrade my existing speakers Rega R5. I currently run them with a Rega Dac/NAC52/Supercap/NAP135's. The current room did not suit my previous speakers as the room is very hard, suspended floors and vinyl floor covering.

I have recently auditioned Proac Response D18, decent bass but a bit bright at the top end and PMC FB1i bass not as good but very easy on the ear. The PMC FB1i were the favourite of the two. They have only been auditioned in the shop mind.

I have previously tried a pair of aged Shahinian Arcs which although the bass and mid was superb the top end was jarring on some vocals. I was wondering if a pair of Harbeth SHL5's on decent stands would fit the bill but there aren't any dealers in the Manchester area. I believe Tony recently had a pair for sale but it looks like I missed the boat there.

I listen mainly at lowish volumes which still permit conversation so cranking the level up to get a good sound is not usually an option.


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