What is Neutrality?

"The term neutrality is pervasive in the world of audio. We often use the word when describing a component or a system, and most audiophiles agree on the definition: A neutral component or system neither adds nor subtracts from the music it seeks to convey, allowing the signal to flow through unencumbered, faithfully reproducing whatever is in the recording. We’re all looking for that neutral component or system, but does it actually exist?

In my view it isn’t possible for one to accurately assess neutrality, and even if you could would others agree with your findings? What sounds neutral to one person may not to the next? I believe neutrality is sort of a sliding scale and different for each listener, thus neutrality is a concept that can only be defined in a given system by a given listener.

Let us start at the beginning; the recorded music we look to reproduce. If we are to ....... "


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