If you are shipping or receiving audio gear READ THIS !

I have received yet another piece of audio equipment damaged and I thought I could share a little inside info and perhaps keep it from happening to others . I received a box from California yesterday , it was shipped 2 day air via fedx. Packing was decent but still not good enought to stand up to the harsh conditions of the big shippers .

I WAS A DRIVER for 7 years with the fedx machine , here is what I saw and learned my experiance is pre-fedx groumd service.
ONE OF THE BEST THINGS YOU CAN DO to help ensure you item(s) arrive undamaged
is to write "TOP LOAD ONLY" on the top and all four sides as well as "DO NOT CRUSH"
this keeps your air and ground boxs, from being loaded in aircraft containers and trucks and all the other boxs being loaded on top of them reguardless of size or weight , I was a driver for fedx and boxs go into the truck or aircraft cans, as they come into station ..so lets say you drop of a 500.00 turntable at 3:00P.M. it makes its wat out to the truck to be loaded , it sits on the floor of the truck and many other boxs and packages go on top of it!!
WHEN I saw a box that said "TOP LOAD PLEASE" I would set it and others aside and load them last . No guarantee but proper packing and labeling will help keep your boxs safe and keep your valubale componemts from a slow death.

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