What sets price on turntables?


So, just starting out on a very limited budget and needing a turntable, the first thing I did was check ebay. I know, probably not the best move but I am a beginner and on an extremely tight budget. After settling on a Bang & Olufsen 4004 turntable (brand due to my dad's old B&O RX) I checked the listings and found two options. One was at the starting bid of $200, while another had a starting bid of over $700, a third had a $300 listing and a fourth had a $500 listing.

I compared the pictures and didn't see any major flaws in the lower priced turntables that, in my opinion, would mark it down from $700+ to $200. I decided to check this out and again found listings for a Beogram 4002 with the same stylus for $103 at 13 bids and $925. I also saw two listings for a Beogram 8002, one with a MMC2 stylus ($1,295) and the more expensive ($2,000) with the MMC 1.

So, what/why do some of the same TTs with the same styli have such massive differences in price? Is it true that the devil is in the details and every minor scratch can deduct hundreds from the price? Or is it something like the condition the table has been kept in, or even ignorance on the owner's end as to what they are selling? And if you want to know, I got the Beogram 4004 as my first Turntable at $200 with an MMC 20CL cartridge but lacking a dust cover which I will now be looking for.

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