What’s wrong with the status quo?

Paul McGowan

My recent post suggested the perceived shift away from high-end audio was not what it appears.  That, in fact, it is a shift away from spending family resources on isolating the audio system – not the lack of desire for high-performance.

We now have entire generations of music lovers who want music throughout the home and appreciate better quality.  There aren’t fewer Audiophiles, there are more.

The status quo defenders would ask us to not abandon the old ways.  They work, they are comfortable.  They will point out that abandonment of the audio sanctuary and the equipment that is dedicated to supporting that precious real estate go hand-in-hand with giving up on audio perfection.

Much hand wringing and fear mongering keeps our industry stuck in the mud.

I believe it is entirely possible to build a new industry around music throughout the home without compromise.

Other pioneers join with me in building this new future.