Is Audio a true addiction?


The thread starts:  Reading articles about addictions and the diagnostic criteria for defining what an addiction is, I am struck by how many points of a diagnostic chart can be used to evaluate our behavior regarding audio matters.

For sure, my long attendance of Naim world and forum has suggested a state of addiction in many members, including me; but perhaps it would be interesting, and useful, to try investigating our habits and moods regarding our hobby to seriously check if it has - at least occasionally - the proper traits of pathology.

The fact that no toxic substance is involved may distract us from the evidence, but I am beginning to wonder if for some of us dealing with audio - listening, comparing, buying, selling, changing, upgrading, attending audio-related forums, letting audio things occupy more and more ample parts of our mind and attention, and so on - is not at least partially a form of vice.

Even alcoholics and drug-addicted people tend to minimize their condition, so I am just wondering.

I suggest the reading of any table on internet sites with the diagnostic criteria for addictions; it is an interesting and illuminating perspective.


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