‘I found out something about myself’

I recently found out something about myself, and I think it informs some of the questions and debates that audiophiles have.

When I started down this path some years ago, I thought I was a "they are here" music lover; that is, I was seeking to bring, say, the Berlin Philharmonic into my listening room. It's a cool trick, and I was impressed by how close I could come to doing it.


But something was missing.

I started listening to high, high-end systems ($100,000 and up). I can't afford those, but I noticed that listening to those systems revealed something in my listening preferences, heretofore unknown: I wasn't a "they are here" listener at heart: I was a "I am there" listener. These high-end systems revealed details that I couldn't capture in my home system. There was lots of there there, and I love it. I love the scratch of the bow on a violin, the outsized crack of the leading edge of a drum snare transient.

So, rather than having, say .....

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