Experiment over/Sanity resumed

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Before I write this I know exactly what the responses are going to be but to be honest I couldn't give a toss but after feeling brainwashed by some on this site my sanity has finally been resumed, thank the lord.

Around 2 months ago I felt compelled to try what most here suggest, all cables make very little improvement, be it interconnects, speaker cables & mains leads.

My system has been set up this way for a while so are very used to what I like about it.

I decided to try this out for myself

I replaced my interconnects with the cheap bellwire crap that was given with the player, same went for speaker cable, cheap average bellwire 79 strand rubbish from maplins, out went my home made mains leads replaced with the giveaway leads supplied.

I have been listening to my system this way for 2 months & have thoroughly got used to it, I have been reasonably happy but I felt the involvement I usually feel had disappeared & noticed over this time that I was listening less & less to each track & some days didn't even feel compelled to listen at all as the feeling I usually get of wanting to play music had got less & less as the time went on.

I am an avid listener of music & this feeling was quite depressing considering I usually love the sound of my system.

The 2 month experiment was over last evening, in went my Chord interconnect, Chord speaker cable & home made mains leads

Thankfully my music was back & so was my enthusiasm to play track after track, involvement had returned, rhythm, pace, timing & musicality, the stuff I now take for granted with my system but had sadly been missing for 2 months.

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