When it sounds good it sounds good – or does it?

I was reading a thread about a 62,000.00 system. The OP was not sure if he liked it or not. That got me to thinking when it sounds good it is good. yes it can always get better. I started years ago with vintage gear and over the years have worked my way into tubes and mostly new stuff. I like the way it sounds. I have two Dynacos biamped into a AMC 1030 tube pre. yes it is a really affordable setup. But man I like the sound. I have heard many amps many more worth alot more. But to me the sweet dynacos and the tube pre sound so great together. I have a couple of Focal speakers and it just sings. I know I could spend more and get maybe better gear but is it all diminished returns to some degree. I think for me it is better to sit back and buy some more vinyl to listen to. I have pretty much gone to strictly vinyl with some streaming music in there is well. I guess my question is do you all get to a point where you are satisfied or is there always a quest for that better system. Sometimes to me it seems like diminished returns.

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