Speakers for restricted placement.


The thread starts: Hi all, some time ago I posted a thread to say I would be moving my kit into my conservatory and asking advice about the acoustics. I did receive some advice, and thanks to everyone for that.
Now that I've actually done the move, it all seems fine except the limitations of placing my speakers seem to be affecting the potential sound more than anything. The room is only about 2 and a bit meters wide, so when I measured the speaker placement centre to centre it was only about 4.5 feet. The recommended distance for my speakers is 6.5 feet and upwards. In addition at 4.5 feet centre to centre the outer edges of the speakers are quite close to the side walls. Effectively in a corner situation! I know this is not good practice, but the only way to move them away from the walls is to reduce the distance between them still further!

I have a bit of freedom in the other direction; I can have the speakers ( which are rear ported) away from the back wall and have room to sit in the equilateral triangle position about 6 feet away. however, for convenience they are normally about a foot off the back wall.   The back wall has vertical blinds hanging, as does one of the side walls, so these are absorbent rather than reflective.

The sound seems to be good, but I don't know to what extent it is being compromised by the speaker positioning. As I can't move the walls I am considering changing the speakers for something that is perhaps designed for such a problem, and would work in that restricted space. So any suggestions as to what might be suitable? I did wonder about Eclipse or something of that design but what do you guys think? Any further info required will be gladly supplied if it helps to get me an answer to this conundrum!

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Neil McCauley / editor in chief

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