Advantages of a downgrade / Nagra & Exposure


Whilst the Nagra cdp has returned to its maker to be fixed Mr dealer lent me an Exposure XXII which he had lying around 2nd hand.Plugged it in today, no fancy supports, just using my Audioworks Revive mains lead. At first listening thought it sounded uuh - bloody good. Ok it probably isn't pulling quite as much detail off the disc but it seems better balanced in the mid and bass dept. This got me thinking what the f*** is going on?

I have a thought. I use the Nagra with the volume control fully open at 3.5 volts into the pre where the volume is about 9 o clock. The Exposure outputs 2 volts fixed so the pre has now been upped to 10 o clock or more. Maybe the Nagra setting is too high and I need to back off its volume and compensate on the pre.

Will try this when it returns and see what happens.

Don't know the original price of the XXII, but if one were to ask if the extra outlay of the Nagra was worth the improved sound quality I might have to squirm around some before saying.....N (Unless I'm not getting the best out of my own as yet.) Maybe I should get into some serious downgrading!!


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