What’s best as far as impedance for amps and speakers?

What`s best as far as impedience for amps an speakers go? myself I run 8. is 4 or 6 better? cd player onkyo cs5-vl into a technicks-sh-8066 graphic eq. an a Yamaha avc-30 powers infinity smi52. my philosophy is low gain high power for clairity. look up the specks it's great equipment! but that dam onkyo sa-cd player changed everything for me! I NEVER HEARD THE MUSIC AS IT WAS TILL NOW. i.e Elton john should have trimd his nose hairs before recording! cuz I can hear the inhale between verses! phones in stuidios, an thr skueak of high-hat pedels at this point. but still I press on. how good can it get?

It’s a question on a subject that has turned up occasionally on forums and so on. frankly there is no sensible bullet-proof answer. Personally I'm with you on the low gain / high sensitivity way of thinking. I used two pairs (stacked) of JBL L100 Century speakers and the clarity and attack were fantastic. However not everyone thinks like this.

I'm sorry not being able to be more helpful but I'm personally unfamiliar with your pieces of equipment and I don’t want to mislead you. My only sensible advice is to experiment, and then experiment a bit more.

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PS – interesting point re Onkyo. Great gear but the brand has never really attracted the respect it deserves. Pity.

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  1. I think it depends on the impedance of your surround speakers – the amp impedance setting should match the speaker impedance as closely as possible.

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