Audio Exotics in Hong Kong write:  J. Lam owns Audio Exotics, an import/retail establishment for fine audio in Hong Kong, the City of Life. The selection of brands he brings to this city nation of 200 audio establishments of all sizes demonstrate a particular sensibility. There are Franck Tchang's acoustic resonators under the French Acoustics System Int'l brand and Argento Audio's unshielded silver cables from Denmark. There's Audio Valve from Germany and analogue and tube gear from Da Vinci Audio of Switzerland. There are FAL drivers from Japan and Horning Hybrid analogue, tube amps and speakers from Denmark. There's Karan Acoustics from the former Yugoslavia and the Mosquito Neo speakers from France. There are ORB Audio power products from Japan and electronics from Orpheus Laboratories of Switzerland. There's Tron valve kit from the UK and TW Acoustics analogue from Germany. There's WAVAC and Zanden tube electronics from Japan.

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