Britain’s role in the worldwide audio industry is something we should all celebrate


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ANDREW EVERARD / GRAMOPHONE: Despite the tendency of many to run down the UK audio industry as being out of touch, there’s much to applaud in its continued success

Two things struck me as 2014 started. One was the emergence of figures from Britain’s leading luxury car manufacturers, Bentley and Rolls-Royce, showing they had record sales in 2013 and are still expanding, with plans to invest and take on more staff to meet demand.

Yes, both companies are producing products most of us will never be able to buy, and both are owned by parent companies outside the UK, but this is British expertise and skills, delivering a very good contribution to the nation’s exports – 90 per cent of those Rolls-Royces are sold abroad, and the Bentley figure isn’t far behind.

Meanwhile, Indian-owned Jaguar Land Rover is enjoying similar success: Jaguar sales up 15 per cent year on year, and Land Rover breaking all-time records, leading to even greater expansion of British production, more investment and more jobs.

Things to celebrate, then – but, in stark contrast, there’s been .....

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