The birth of pop-up automatic radio

To Staines, where, in the meeting room of an office building opposite the high street's busy Poundland, award-winning radio producer Robin Crowley thinks he has identified a gap in the market. And that gap contains showtunes. Lots of them. Enough showtunes, in fact, to fill an entire radio station. Evita, Rent, Showgirls: you'll find the lot on 24/7 online station Jemm Three, whose 10 presenters have been broadcasting from the studio downstairs since June. "It's a great music genre that hasn't had a light shone on it," Robin insists. "Nobody else is doing it, apart from for two hours on a Sunday on Radio 2."

But is Radio 2's Elaine Paige showtunes ghetto really the result of an ......

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