Pre-owned speaker bargains; what, how and where?

Just a brief overview of my system if I may? Naim CD5, FlatCap2, Technics SL-1200 fitted with a modified Rega RB250 with Goldring GX1042. Nakamichi CR7E (pride and joy, natch!). I also have a Arcam DV137 Universal player. Audiolab 8000A/S+ a newer Marantz PM70001KI plus 2 x Musical Fidelity headphone amps and a Musical Fidelity phono amp. I do a lot of listening on headphones, two Sennheisers (600/650) fitted with StephanAudioArt cables.

I also have three sets of speakers: Castle Edens, Richmond 11s and Linn Keilidh (in passive mode).

My listening room is a big one (30ft x by 30ft) and my listening tastes range from most guitar based rock from the ‘70s, ‘80s and noughties, plus more smooth sounds from the likes of Diana Krall, Allison Krauss, Eleanor McEvoy, Bonnie Raitt, Sinatra et al.

My query is this; though I’m reasonably happy with the sound, the old ‘upgraditis’ is creeping back, as is the PAF (partner acceptance factor)! I’m wonder if another set of newer speakers would be in order? Better make them floorstanders, because as much as I love the Edens (beautifully made and sounding). I was wondering if the Linns are the best choice too? Any ideas would be gratefully received

I do a lot of eBay watching (and buying sadly), hoping to pick up the bargain of the century (yeah right!) and am amazed at the silly prices some eBayers ask for their stuff. I see lots of old Audiolab amps going for £200+ and some Marantz CD63 KI prices are just as silly. Maybe you could do a price guide for us poor souls!

That’s a big room and deserves big loudspeakers. My shortlist of recommendations includes Tannoy Yorkminsters and the Vandersteen Quatro Wood CT. Even better would be Westminster Royal SEs of course and the Vandersteen 5a Carbon. Unfortunately, I doubt you will get these on eBay.

Seeing that you like the distinctive sound of Castle loudspeakers I looked for another good alternative, Castle Howards, but there were none. Other possibilities are the Castle Knight 5s or Tannoy DC10Ts.

Whilst some eBay prices are low, many have become unrealistically high I feel and boy, is there a lot of tat. Prices are always determined by supply and demand; suggesting second-hand prices can be misleading.

As an aside though, you’ve got three pairs of totally different speakers and you want more speakers, but you don’t say why, or what you want from them, or how much to spend! To make matters worse, you’re threatening to buy these random objects on eBay, presumably bidding and winning before hearing, and then paying and getting them shipped before hearing, and then likely being left with a pig in a poke without your money?

Yes … they could be great speakers, but totally wrong for your room or your ancillaries, or they could be run into the ground (hence their 'bargain' status) and need reconing, or arrive smashed by your friendly local couriers! In conclusion we suggest you put down the keyboard and find a decent dealer, so you can start listening to music again.

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