Clean power solutions – PureSound (Canada) and the PS Audio P3

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I use Analogue Audio amplification and CD player, the Maestro 200 integrated and Maestro 192 CD player. Amp choice has been heavily influenced by reviews of Sugden, Jungson and Icon Audio 845. The CD player is the first item ready for future upgrades but still a very natural and fine match using Synergetics XLR interconnects.

My speakers are ProAc D80. I have a Gyro SE with Never Connect power supply, a Koetsu Black, Techno arm and a battery phono stage from Nagra. A killer combination and difficult to achieve comparable results from digital.

Suggestions for future improvements are welcome, but I will never leave the Koetsu as this has added a sense of musical magic incomparable to anything else I have experienced ('heard' would be the wrong expression here).

Recently I started experimenting with clean power via a Pure Power (from Canada) active power regenerator. I was very sceptical as enthusiasts told me I would loose on dynamics and musicality. Now, after a week of listening I can only tell this is the single biggest “upgrade” I have ever made. As I am not a writer I will refrain from trying to describe differences but I can only tell I keep listening to my music collection and I have suffered from serious fatigue since this device is on my rack.

Keep up the good work and please feel free to advise on any upgrades you see in my system.

Thanks for your letter and observations on the importance of clean mains power. Many readers have expressed a similar view, that improving the quality of mains power makes a big difference to sound quality. We are true believers in mains regeneration but have had unfortunate experiences re mains conditioning, the PS Audio Dectet being a notable exception.

None of us have direct personal experience of PurePower products and so we prefer not to comment.

Years back Howard had a lot of sonic success with the PS Audio PPP although reliability suffered when production temporarily shifted from USA to China. Now days some of us use the PS Audio P3 mains regenerator, and very happily too.

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