S.A. LAB: Bravo Integrated Amplifier



Artjom Avatinjan has posted a review of the S.A. Bravo integrated amplifier (€40,000) at 6moons. His conclusions:

“Summing up, let me point out that the S.A.Lab Bravo tube trio embodies the upper edge of the engineering art. It earnestly and implicitly demonstrates the advantages of mature schematics and the sound style of the Sound Laboratory. By the way, Alexey just informed me that his new push-pull power amp based on the mighty 6п45с/EL509 tetrode is 90% ready. He calls it Hercules, an appropriate name for a 300-watt deck. You may wonder what place in the lineup this offspring of Zeus and Alkmene will occupy. It’ll be just one step up from the current Blackbird SE.”

You can read the full review here.

Note: It is 6moons’ policy to only review products of manufacturers who buy advertising on its website. The full details of 6moons policy can be viewed here.

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