IBM engineer designs and hand-builds affordable tube audio gear

Steve Guttenberg .....

Tavish Design's Vintage 6SL7 phono preamplifier brings out the best in the sound of the Audiophiliac's LPs.

Scott Reynolds founded Tavish Design in 2011 to follow his bliss. He holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, works for IBM, and authored over 30 patents. He may be a whiz with digital tech, but when it comes to listening to music Reynolds prefers the sound of tube electronics over solid-state and LPs over digital. That's why he designed a tube phono preamplifier first for his home system, then he made a few more for friends, and that eventually led to going into business. He now offers a range of affordable (by audiophile standards) tube electronics. Reynolds and his son hand-craft Tavish Design components in Amawalk, New York.

I met Reynolds at a friend's home a few months ago and expressed an interest in reviewing his newest design, the Vintage 6SL7 phono preamplifier. It's compatible with .....

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