CONSTELLATION AUDIO: Inspiration Preamplifier 1.0

From the desk of Frank Berryman



Aron Garrecht has posted a review of the Constellation Audio Inspiration Preamplier 1.0 ($9900) at SOundStage! Ultra. His conclusions:

“While it may not be the quietest preamp I’ve heard, and its operation is less than intuitive, the Inspiration Preamp 1.0 redefines what $9900 can buy in terms of transparency, refinement, sophistication, inner detail, color saturation, and overall fidelity to the original recording. In fact, considering that the Inspiration Preamp 1.0 has the same circuit topology found at the very top of the Constellation line at a fraction of the price, it may be one of the best values in the market today.”

You can read the full review here

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