So You Think You’re An Audiophile?

Bob Rapoport writes: 

My wife watches a TV show called “So You Think You Can Dance?” that gave me this idea to publish a quiz for those who think of themselves as audiophiles. It’s a fun way to teach you some of the basics about how to be an audiophile and know what to listen for. Judging from the answers we get on our quarterly contest entries, many music lovers dont know what high res audio is, what the “sweet-spot” is, or the meaning of the phrase “high fidelity”. After all, there are no classes in the subject and the magazines rarely talk about these subjects. The truth is that there is a lot of confusion and mis-information being spread around.  This is our attempt to clarify the myths and superstitions and hopefully lead you to a better understanding of the art.

We put together a quiz just for fun to test your knowledge, this is not a contest, it’s meant to educate and inform those of you who want to be an audiophile about what matters most.  The questions are mostly true or false statements of basic facts, if you score highly on this test, you can call yourself a real audiophile.  The actual answers will be sent upon receipt of the quiz form.


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