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The ability to model a sound field accurate is fundamental to the understanding of the underlying characteristics of the sound and how the sound can be manipulated and controlled. The advance of computational technology, both in hardware and software, has enabled us to make great progresses in modelling ever more sophisticated sound fields in realistic indoor and outdoor environments.

The impact of works in this area can be seen in the design of acoustic performance spaces such as studios, concert halls and soundscapes in urban design; the development of novel and high performance acoustic materials such as sonic cloaks and active absorbers; and more effective control of noise such as novel noise barriers, metal cladding with high noise insulation, and active noise shielding technology.

At Salford we continue to be at the forefront of developing new techniques for modelling and sound, and the use of such modelling techniques to tackle pertinent practical acoustical and related problems. We have developed and used a .....

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