The Myth of Digital Sound – Archived Article, Part 1

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This is a controversial subject, but if you want your masters to be the best, it's worth looking into - vs. just assuming any one theory. There has been a long-held thought that digital can be transferred, cloned, copied, converted etc. and the sound stays the same. Numbers are numbers, right? They are... if no jitter, errors, compression, rounding-off, voltage variations, surface defects or recalculations are introduced when the data is transferred.

Granted, digital does what it does well because it is convenient and it's put recording studios into the hands of a lot of people. It just has a different set of limitations that we weren't expecting when the technology came out. This is the same thing that occurred when we discovered that solid-state electronics didn't have some of the cool sonic qualities that tubes did.

First, let's start with some basic, simple definitions:

1) Jitter. What the heck is jitter? Jitter is error in the ......

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