Mr. Ray Purchase wonders: Speaker Design – Is there much to it? (Part 8)

Further work

I have been listening to these speakers for almost a year, and have hardly made any modifications in that time. I sold off my previous audio gear (except for the vintage stuff) with no regret whatsoever.

It is tempting to go four-way just to see if it could sound even better, and I have a scheme to turn the woofers on their sides and introduce some 8” sealed units between them and the mids, but I never seem to have the time or inclination to do it. I also have a plan to get some better woodworking machinery, build cabinets from scratch and maybe learn how to apply veneer, but I don't think I'll ever get round to it.

In the scheme of things the cost of replacing the drivers with 'better' ones would be negligible but there's a perverse pleasure to be gained from getting high end sound from the cheapest drivers available.

It would be nice to make the software more attractive and user-friendly, but again that would take time and not provide any benefit sound-wise. I might experiment with room correction, but I have an idea I would never be content with the result, and it may be best to leave the system as it is with clear boundaries that I can forget about, and simply listen to music!

Thank you

Pay Purchase

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