BECOMING A SHREWDER HI-FI BUYER: The four pitfalls of buying and selling on eBay

Originally published in 2015

Sophie Christie (The Telegraph) writes:

With more than 18 million users, eBay is the country’s largest online marketplace.

Buyers get to browse a vast range of goods and snap up bargains. Sellers use the site to do anything from disposing of unwanted goods for a few pounds, to showcasing all the products of their thriving businesses.

But eBay is not without problems, as countless letters and emails to Telegraph Money attest.

Buyer’s grievances include being sold stolen goods, or goods arriving not as described, while sellers complain about eBay’s protection schemes not working in their favour. And customers on both sides frequently comment on eBay’s poor customer service.

And thanks to the explosive growth of eBay and its rival sites, other, wider problems are emerging, such as users’ uncertainties over tax.

Below, based on readers’ experiences, we outline four of eBay’s biggest pitfalls – to help others avoid them in future.

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