A POINT OF VIEW: So sorry, we have no bananas

Paul McGowan: My little riff on power amplifiers and how I could tell I had a winner really sparked off a lot of comments and questions of where to buy or when it’s going to be available.

One of you even scolded me about being a tease without offering anything in return.  Let me just suggest my intent wasn’t to try and sell you an amp – because there is no amp – but to simply share with you my excitement of discovery – as well as give you some insight into the process we go through to flesh out a new product. There is no new amplifier right around the corner that I am building you up to get excited about: I wish there were.  From the point of “paul’s excited” to “now you can buy one” is typically about a year depending on scheduling in the engineering department.  Sometimes there’s a hole in the schedule we can squeeze something in and when that happens it’s down to a matter of just many months.

We do not build products to please our sales department who get inundated with requests for specific product types – we’re not a seasonal company that responds to marketplace pressures – instead we build products we want to own.  I think that’s perhaps different than a lot of companies being neither right nor wrong just the way we are.

I would dearly love to bring this power amp into your home so you could experience what I am hearing – and someday we will.

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